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Engineering Plants for Agriculture


Cold Spring Harbor, NY-- Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press announced the release of Engineering Plants for Agriculture, available on its website in hardcover and eBook formats.

Agriculture plays a vital role supporting human life on Earth but faces significant challenges to feed the growing population.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology examines the molecular bases of plant traits and addresses how this knowledge can be used to develop crops that are resilient to a changing environment. The contributors review recent advances in our understanding of plant plasticity, circadian rhythms, stomatal development, inflorescence architecture, symbiotic phosphate acquisition, and specialized plant metabolism and discuss how this knowledge might be used to boost yields, improve tolerance to pathogens and environmental stress, and enhance nutritional content. The book also discusses the development and socioeconomic impact of deployment of genetically improved submergence-tolerant rice. The generation of blight-resistant American chestnut trees--the first bioengineered plant developed with the goal of ecological restoration--is also described. This volume is therefore an essential read for all plant biologists, geneticists, and engineers interested in addressing agricultural and environmental challenges.

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IMAGE: This is a rice field in Thailand.

Kiattisak Wannnasri

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