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Essential informatics methods and tools for analyzing the explosion of NGS data


Public release date: 14-Feb-2013

Contact: Elizabeth Powers
>[email protected]
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Bridges experimental and bioinformatics perspectives to delineate protein-DNA interactions

 IMAGE:  The cover shows the detection of a mutation in genomic DNA using short read Next-Generation DNA sequencing.

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Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technology has revolutionized biomedical research, making complete genome sequencing an affordable and frequently used tool for a wide variety of research applications. Bioinformatics methods to support DNA sequencing have become a critical bottleneck for many researchers and organizations wishing to make use of NGS technology. Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Informatics provides a thorough introduction to the necessary informatics methods and tools for operating NGS instruments and analyzing NGS data. The book also provides extensive reference to best-practice bioinformatic methods for the most commonly used NGS technologies and applications. The book also includes reference to, and guidance, on the setup and use of essential software for NGS data analysis. This is the first book of its kind to address the informatics needs of scientists who wish to take advantage of the explosion of research opportunities offered by new DNA sequencing technologies.


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