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Father to Son: Truth, Reason, and Decency

Subject Area(s):  General Interest TitlesAutobiography/Biography

By James D. Watson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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1. Foreword: “Dad has been a natural, high-quality writer since his high school days...”
2. Introduction, by Tony Badger, Master of Clare College, Cambridge University: “Nobel Prize winners do not come in a standard form...”
3. Index

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Father to Son featured in The Chicago Tribuneread the article here.

© 2014 • 285 pages, illustrated, dust jacket
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621820-35-2

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At the age of 24, James Watson had a scientific discovery to his credit—the structure of DNA—that would win a Nobel Prize and forever change our understanding of genes and inheritance. Now, after a lifetime of accomplishment in research, writing, education, and science advocacy, Watson has delved for the first time publicly into his own lineage to chronicle an archetypical American family from before the Civil War to Vietnam. With its portraits of many memorable characters, illustrated with previously unpublished photographs and period documents, Father To Son brilliantly illuminates the fundamental truth that who we become as individuals is determined by both our genetic and cultural heritage.

Father to Son featured in The Chicago Tribuneread the article here.


1 Going for Gold
2 Tolman’s Fateful Plunge
3 The Kirtland’s Warbler (1920-1924)
4 Roosevelt Democrats (1925-1942)
5 Ideas (Great Books) over Facts (Textbooks) (1943-1952)
6 Liberals at Play (1953-1957)
7 Life without Jean (1957-1959)
8 New Frontier Morphs into Vietnam (1959-1965)
9 More Than Good Manners (1966-1968)
1 James Dewey Watson Genealogy
2 Sources
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