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Angiogenesis: Biology and Pathology, Second Edition

Book Series:  A Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine Collection
Subject Area(s):  Developmental BiologyMolecular BiologyCancer Biology

Edited by Diane R. Bielenberg, Harvard Medical School; Patricia A. D'Amore, Harvard Medical School

© 2024 • 612 pages, illustrated (111 color and 9 B&W), index
Hardcover •
ISBN  978-1-621824-34-3

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New blood vessels arise through a process known as angiogenesis, in which endothelial cells proliferate and sprout to form new vessels. Angiogenesis is vital for embryonic development, patterning of the vascular system, and wound healing. Vascular dysfunction contributes to a host of pathological conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and lymphedema.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this new collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine provides an overview of recent progress in our understanding of the causal mechanisms essential for angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in normal physiology and disease. The contributors review how the behavior of endothelial cells is controlled and discuss the regulatory roles of signaling molecules such as vascular endothelial growth factor, Notch, Wnt, VE-cadherin, and epsins. Vascular inflammation, immune cell trafficking, lipid metabolism, microRNAs, and the microbiome are also covered in the context of homeostasis and vasculature-related pathological conditions.

Including discussions of vascular permeability and lymphatic drainage as well as interactions between the vascular system and smooth muscle cells, the blood–brain barrier, and the immune system, this volume is a vital reference for developmental and vascular biologists as well as anyone seeking to understand the biology and pathology underlying vasculature-dependent diseases.


Endothelial Cell Differentiation and Hemogenic Specification
Jordon W. Aragon and Karen K. Hirschi
Human Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells
Juan M. Melero-Martin
Mechanisms of endothelial cell fate determination
Jan Kitajewski, Naiche Adler, and Stephanie Villa Niemczyk
Signal Transduction and Gene Regulation in the Endothelium
Michel V. Levesque and Timothy Hla
Blood vessel patterning
Victoria L. Bautch & Yosuke Mukouyama
Organ vascularization
Ondine Cleaver
Organ-specific endothelium
Ralf Adams
Extracellular Matrix Regulation of Vascular Morphogenesis, Maturation, and Stabilization
George E. Davis and Scott S. Kemp
Endothelial Connexins in Developmental and Pathological Angiogenesis
Jacques-Antoine Haefliger, Paolo Meda, and Florian Alonso
Notch Signaling in Vascular Endothelial and Mural Cell Communications
Michael O'Hare and Joseph F. Arboleda-Velasquez
Endothelial lipid metabolism
Zoltan Arany
Endothelial metabolism
Michael Potente, Joseph Lim, and Jorge Andrade
Angiogenesis and Microvascular Permeability
Ye Zeng and Bingmei M. Fu
Gut Microbiota and the Microvasculature
Klytaimnistra Kiouptsi and Christoph Reinhardt
Beyond Static Pipes: Mechanisms and In Vitro Models of Vascular Aging
Simone Bersini and Martin W. Hetzer
Mechanisms Regulating T Cell-Endothelial Cell Interactions
Pilar Alcaide
Angiogenesis and resolution in inflammation
Dipak Panigrahy and Molly Gilligan
Endothelialitis, Microischemia and Intussusceptive Angiogenesis in COVID-19
Steven J. Mentzer, Maximilian Ackermann, and Danny Jonigk
Epsin Endocytic Adaptor Proteins in Angiogenic and Lymphangiogenic Signaling
Douglas B. Cowan, Hao Wu, and Hong Chen
Prostanoids regulate angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in the pathological conditions
Masataka Majima, Kanako Hosono, Yoshiya Ito, and Hideki Amano
Platelets and (Lymph)angiogenesis
Harvey G. Roweth and Elisabeth M. Battinelli
Buttons and Zippers: Endothelial Junctions in Lymphatic Vessels
Peter Baluk and Donald M. McDonald
Lymphatics in Cardiovascular Physiology
Dakshnapriya Balasubbramanian and Brett M. Mitchell
Signaling in lymphangiogenesis
Young-Kwon Hong
Notch Signaling in the Vasculature: Angiogenesis and Angiocrine Functions
Sana S. Hasan and Andreas Fischer
Mechanics of Lymphatic Pumping and Lymphatic Function
Mohammad S. Razavi, Lance L. Munn, and Timothy P. Padera
Lymphedema and Obesity
Christopher L. Sudduth and Arin K. Greene
Lymphatic Tissue and Organ Engineering for in Vitro Modeling and in Vivo Regeneration
Anna M. Kolarzyk, Gigi Wong, and Esak Lee
Lymphangiogenesis and lymphedema
Diane Bielenberg, Yao Gao, and Dakshnapriya Ballasubbramanian
Modeling brain vasculature immune interactions in vitro
Britta Engelhardt, Ruth Lyck, and Hideaki Nishihara
Molecular Mechanisms Driving Lymphedema and Other Lymphatic Anomalies
Xin Geng and R. Sathish Srinivasan
Leukocyte Trafficking in Lymphatic Vessels
Aline Bauer, Hazal Tatliadim, and Cornelia Halin
Lymphatic Clearance and Pump Function
Jerome W. Breslin
Endothelial Cell–Pericyte Interactions in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM) Pathogenesis
Wang Min and Jenny Huanjiao Zhou
Regulation of the Blood-Brain Barrier in Health and Disease
Cara C. Rada, Kanako Yuki, Jie Ding, and Calvin J. Kuo
Wnt/Frizzled pathway in endothelium
Cécile Couffinhal Duplaa
Lymphatic Vascular Permeability
Joshua Scallan
MicroRNAs in Mechanical Homeostasis
Jeremy A. Herrera and Martin A. Schwartz