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Gene Function in Prokaryotes

(Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series 15)

Book Series:  Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Series
Subject Area(s):  BacteriaMolecular BiologyGenetics

© 1983 • 328 pp., illus., index
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ISBN  978-087969176-9
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Luigi Gorini 1903–1976: A Biographical Memoir
Introduction to Prokaryotic Gene Function
Precision of Protein Biosynthesis
Attenuation in Bacterial Operons
Inducible Resistance to Macrolides, Lincosamides, and Streptogramin Type–B Antibiotics: The Resistance Phenotype, Its Biological Diversity, and Structural Element That Regulate Expression
The Role of RNA Polymerase, P Factor, and Ribosomes in Transcription Termination
Global Control Systems
Protein–mediated Translational Repression
Recombinational Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria
Some Bacterial Transposable Elements: Their Organizations, Mechanisms of Transposition, and Roles in Genome Evolution
Genetic Analysis of Protein Localization
Membrane–mediated Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria
Bacterial Chemotaxis: Molecular Genetics of Sensory Transduction and Chemotactic Gene Expression