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Calcium Signaling, Second Edition

Subject Area(s):  Cell BiologyBiochemistry

Edited by Geert Bultynck, KU Leuven; Martin D. Bootman, The Open University; Michael J. Berridge, The Babraham Institute; Grace E. Stutzmann, Rosalind Franklin University / The Chicago Medical School

Due August 2019 • 325 pages (approx.), illustrated, index
Hardcover • $135
ISBN  978-1-621822-92-9

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Calcium ions play a critical role in signaling in a wide variety of tissues, including muscle, immune cells, neurons, the liver and oocytes. They can enter the cytoplasm from the extracellular environment or from intracellular stores and control the activity of numerous enzymes, other signaling molecules, transcription factors, and cytoskeletal components. Much is known about regulation of calcium fluxes, the channels and pumps that transport calcium between different compartments, cytosolic calcium buffers and sensors and how these produce distinct spatiotemporal calcium signals in different circumstances. This book covers these relatively well established aspects of the field, together with newer work implicating calcium in the regulation of apoptosis during normal physiology and necrotic cell death in pathological conditions such as stroke and ischemia.


Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channels and Calcium Signaling
Laura Vangeel and Thomas Voets
Richard Lewis
ER-PM Junction: A hub for Agonist-Regulation of Ca2+ Entry
Hwei Ling Ong and Indu Suresh Ambudkar
Structure and Function of IP3 Receptors
David L. Prole and Colin W. Taylor
NAADP Receptors
Antony Galione
Calcium Leak Channels
Martin Bootman and Geert Bultynck
Signaling through Ca2+ Microdomains from Store-Operated CRAC Channels
Pradeep Barak and Anant B. Parekh
Primary Active Ca2+ Transport Systems in Health and Disease
Jialin Chen, Aljona Sitsel, Veronick Benoy, M. Rosario Sepúlveda, and Peter Vangheluwe
The Roles of Mitochondria in Calcium Signaling: Molecules Involved in Mitochondrial Calcium Uptake
Rosario Rizzuto
Cytoplasmic and Mitochondrial Calcium Signaling: A Two-Way Relationship
Benjamin Wacquier, Laurent Combettes, and Geneviève Dupont
Lysosomal Calcium Signaling
Emry Lloyd-Evans
Cytosolic Ca2+ Buffers are Inherently Ca2+ Signal Modulators
Beat Schwaller
Organellar Calcium Handling in the Cellular Reticular Network
Wen-An Wang, Luis B. Agellon, and Marek Michalak
Interplay Between Calcium and cAMP Signaling
Aldebaran Hofer
Structural Insights Into the Regulation of Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II (CaMKII)
Moitrayee Bhattacharyya, Deepti Karandur, and John Kuriyan
Calcium Sensors in Neuronal Function and Dysfunction
Robert D. Burgoyne, Nordine Helassa, Hannah V. McCue, and Lee P. Haynes
Identifying New Substrates and Functions for an Old Enzyme: Calcineurin
Jagoree Roy and Martha S. Cyert
Calcium and Fertilization
Rafael Fissore
Role of Two-Pore Channels in Embryonic Development and Cellular Differentiation
Sarah E. Webb, Jeffrey J. Kelu, and Andrew L. Miller
Functional Consequences of Calcium-Dependent Synapse-to-Nucleus Communication: Focus on Transcription-Dependent Metabolic Plasticity
Anna M. Hagenston, Hilmar Bading, and Carlos Bas-Orth
Calcium Signaling in Cardiomyocyte Function
Guillaume Gilbert, Kateryna Demydenko, Eef Dries, Rosa DoƱate Puertas, Karin Sipido, and H. Llewelyn Roderick
Astroglial Calcium Signaling in Ageing and Alzheimer’s Disease
Alexei Verkhratsky
Ca2+ Signaling and Regeneration
Jonathan S. Marchant
Creating a New Cancer Therapeutic Agent by Targeting the Interaction Between Bcl-2 and IP3 Receptors
Clark W. Distelhorst and Martin D. Bootman
The Calcium Signaling Toolkit in Cancer: Remodeling and Targeting
Sarah J. Roberts-Thomson, Silke B. Chalmers, and Gregory R. Monteith
Calcium and Neuropathology
Grace E. Stutzman
Calcium Signaling and Tissue Calcification
Diane Proudfoot
Ca2+ Signaling in Exocrine Cells
Malini Ahuja, Woo Young Chung, Wei-Yin Lin, Beth A. McNally, and Shmuel Muallem